Are these pictures of your work? 

Yes -- 99% OF THESE PHOTOS ARE PHOTOS OF OUR WORK.  THE OTHER 1 % ARE PICTURE FROM ARTISTS WE ADMIRE AND ARE NOTED UNDER THER PHOTO.  For over 31 years Balloon Celebrations has accumulated thousands of photos from opportunities our clients have given us- We thank you very much.  All our photos are copy writed and remain  the property of Balloon Celebrations. Please Note: All of the images, designs, and concepts contained here in are Copyright protected.
Use of any of these images, designs, or concepts without the expressed written permission
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What is Hi-Float?
Hi-Float is kid-safe solution used to coat the inner surface of latex balloons and extend their float time, if the balloons are used indoors.
The quick loss of helium from latex balloons is the result of helium molecules penetrating the porous latex surface. Hi-Float is used to coat the inner wall of the balloon, effectively clogging the pores and retarding this escape.
When treated with Hi-Float, most latex balloons will float for 3 days, and often longer, provided they are kept indoors. Shorter float times will occur at higher elevations, in unusually warm or cold environments, or if the balloons are used outdoors.

We have thousands of different ballons , different sizes and shapes. Some require more helium than others. Some do not require helium . If your looking for prices on helium filled bunches you can find that in the section titled bulk balloons delivered
If you tell us what kind of an event you are having , and what you might like to achieve --- We can suggest decor that will suit your needs

How much is an arch ?
The price of an arch depends upon the size and type arche. Prices also depend on other factors such as heighth x weighth, city and time. There are a few different types of arches listed below. 

Call us at 856-346-0158 for more details

How far do you deliver?
Our service area includes  the Philadelphia market as well as South Jersey, Atlantic City Trenton, Princeton, Wilmington, Delaware King of Prussia and surrounding areas  There are occasions when the event is big enough that we will travel the United States or internationally
Balloon deliveries of 100 balloons or less are restricted to Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties

How long do your balloons float ?
11 inch size latex balloons ---- industry standard is about 18 hours under normal indoor conditions-------- Hi - Float can be added to latex ballons to extend thier float time up to 4-5 days
11 inch size latex balloons  outdoors 5-6 hours or less in the summertime
What are your hours ?
Mylar balloons will float for weeks

Someone who is attending our event has a latex allergy. What should I do?

Who is at risk from latex allergies?
Latex allergies present a moderate to serious health problem for a very small percentage of the population in the United States. Reactions to naturally produced latex (latex is a milky sap produced by rubber trees) may range from minor skin irritation to reactions so severe that immediate emergency medical attention.

Those most at risk of having an allergic reaction to latex are in the medical arena —doctors, nurses, dentists, technicians, and certain patients. These people are exposed to latex gloves and equipment which has latex on it. Simply attending a party where balloons are present is generally not a problem.